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Originally posted by Kskelton:
Originally posted by Nismo:
Originally posted by gpbst3:
I just got back my 365 slide I had milled from Maple Leaf. They sent it USPS with signature required. Guess what... it was tossed right in my mailbox with a big old yellow sticker stating signature required. I checked the online tracking and it showed I had signed for it. Which is crazy as I was at work.

Not just USPS. FedEx did that to me twice, left 2 handguns on my doorstep on 2 different occasions, and BOTH times I was home all day waiting for it.

During covid every carrier has quasi-signatures. FedEx and ups always at least knocked on the door waited for someone to answer then left… usps left stuff in mailbox, at doorstep, wherever and never even rang the bell. Always seemed to work out fine for me, but we were running our Ffl out of the house at the time so often guns and expensive parts left at the door… always wondered the same thing if I was a piece of shit and decided to file a false claim how that would go… even if I didn’t pay for insurance if whoever shipped it paid for a signature and they chose not to get one who’s liable?

Unfortunately I’m a decent human and never did that so I guess I’ll never know

It always kinda irritated me because we use the post office to ship a lot of stuff. And it’s $2.50-$3 something like that for a signature…. If their policy was we don’t get signatures that’s ok, but to continue offering the service and taking the $2-3 per package for it is wrong

Their GPS tracking system can pinpoint to the exact address where the package was scanned as delivered, so pulling a fast one on them may not be as easy as you think.
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Life is good again. Roy arrived today, all older movies and accompanied by Gene and a Tex Ritter film.

Still not too high on USPS.

Funny-not "ha ha funny," but my Grandfather worked for the Post Office back in the forties-fifties as a Rural Mail Carrier." He'd let me ride with him as long as a Democrat was in office, but when those "Godless Republicans" got in (Ike in '52), he was concerned that he could lose his job if they caught me. He knew everyone, personally on his route.

Even much later, up till couple of years ago, I had a mail carrier here that was crippled to some degree yet he delivered fifty pounds of shot without a whimper.Great guy and life diminished when he retired.

I just don't know what happened to the USPS, but the last couple of years has made me wonder. Got another knife coming, first class, from Oregon. Supposed to be here Monday.

One can only hope.

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The mail carrier usually delivers a package to my doorstep if it won’t fit in the mailbox. Yesterday I saw her stop for about 20 seconds at the box (instead of the usual 1/2 second), then zoom off. I went out to check. There’s a box WEDGED in my mailbox. I don’t know how she got it I there. I struggled for several minutes before I finally got enough grip on the end and wiggled it out bit by bit. I thought I would have to get a boxcutter knife and perform a boxectomy.
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I once had a padded envelope stuffed inside my little PO box. I would get the mail real early on the way to work, before the windows opened and couldn't ask for help, so I had to struggle for a while to get it out the door side. When I finally got it out, it said "Do not fold" on it.
Inside was a 45-RPM record someone had sent me unexpectedly. How they managed to bend it into a U and stuff in the box without breaking it, I'll never know.

As far a cheapest goes? I just shipped a pair of fairly light boots from New York back to Danner Oregon. $33.00 was the cheapest way. Eek
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