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If you think there is a difference between feet then your genderphobic, footphobic, shoephobic, insolephobic just to name a few. It’s probably your privilege in thinking right and left aren’t racist, sexist and cultural appropriation. Don’t get started on size, math is the racist of all.
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Yeah I see this as anti-woke. They are saying there are 2 genders and the shoes are made for one.

These go to eleven.
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I too am a runner. ASICS is my brand of choice. Never seen that on the insole before. I’ve owned dozens of them. This is new. Yes, men and women’s feet are different. Up until now buying the men’s shoe would have been enough to signify the “gender” of the insole. I think writing it down, like lots of other dumb ideas, just cements that it is a dumb idea.
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3D Space Construction. I have no idea what that is...but I just might have to get a pair. I don't run but my feet seem to hurt all the time if I am out walking a lot.

How much?

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Actually no. Outside of work I wear Converse All Stars which I learned a few years back are unisex.

I’m so progressive.

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I have never seen any shoes purchased that have the fucking word "gender"stamped on it, perhaps the stupidest, woke virtue-signaling word today.

"MEN" or "WOMAN" should be printed on the shoe, not "Gender Specific" Roll Eyes

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My Whites boots were made based on my measurements, so I guess they are me-specific.

One could perhaps argue that my undies are gender specific. I need the space. In the front.


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Testicles used to be gender specific until a few years ago. Apparently, not anymore.


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What next??!! Well, my left shoe has decided it wants to be a right shoe, so I imagine the next iteration will be shoes that can be worn on either foot. Razz


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