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Look, I mean look at all the bs fees they have tacked onto paying for plates in this left leaning looney effn state! I don't recall VOTING to add all this crap. How bad is it in your state?

Oh, did I mention the Dems have been in control for too long here.

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We have our share of BS in Montana but nothing like that. Plus, one time licenses on boats, trailers, ATVs, SidexSides and once your car is 10 years old, you are good for the duration.

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Wow, you're getting bent over. I'll bet most of that money doesn't go to the intended purpose

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My Michigan tags for 2021 on a 2019 Dodge Durango are 184 bucks + 10 bucks for a state park pass.
And I bet it increases for 2022.

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Originally posted by coloradohunter44:
Oh, did I mention the Dems have been in control for too long here.

I’m sorry. I have to comment on this because it really goes to the heart of a lot of what is happening at the state and local level around where I live.

The average voter (not talking you CH44) sees these taxes and complains, but either can’t or won’t make the connection it was the Democrats they voted for that enacted these taxes, or they forget when Election Day comes around.

Edit: OK After some quick Googling, I see that the Specific Ownership Tax is equivalent to Virginia’s Personal Property Tax. So in the end we’ve probably equivalent.

In the end, if you own a vehicle over ten years old you are probably better off in CO as the tax is $3.00 versus $25.00 in VA.
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WI has crept up over the past years, maybe $85 or so a year for the average car. A truck may be a little more. It’s one way they raise fees without calling it a ‘tax increase’, happens in many areas.

It’s always a push to get some $$ from those that may have $$.
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My new RAV4 was well over $700 for the first year's tags. They call it an "excise tax" which is really a personal property tax. It does go down as the vehicle depreciates but the first 4/5 years sting.

That's in addition to 5.5% sales tax.

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Every state gets its money somehow. Some tack it on license plates, but, if not, they'll get it somewhere else. AZ is not too bad, with it based on a percent of the declining BB value of your vehicle. Mine is 10 years old now, and the plates/registration is not much at all. So low (I forget the exact amount) I went for the 5 year registration and sticker the last time.

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God bless TX. Ours is a cheap (comparatively) flat fee, regardless of age or value.

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You must have an older vehicle. I remember paying over $700 in Colorado when I bought my 2000 Silverado. I'm kind of liking Alaska, $50 for 2 years.

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In Arkansas, it's $25 for a new plate (one time), plus $19.50 for the tag and registration (annually).
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REG FEE-DPS $ 1.00
TOTAL $ 77.75 

Just renewed my registration in Harris County TX last month.

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Wow. California DMV isn't that bad.

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I'm paying $113 to renew my WI plates next month. I paid $85 last year.
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Ouch! Indiana is bad, but not that bad. I just spent abou $500 to register 3 cars, 2 trailers, and a boat. Most of my vehicles are pretty old, so that helps some, but it's still pretty painful every october when that comes due.
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WOW! Plates are $85 here in Wisc.
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At least your cops, you know the guys with the guns, get a bucks worth of training. Smile

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Holy Mother of Pearl! Eek

Mine was $62 in Georgia, but that was for two trucks.

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I think a lot of those are regional/county fees. Here's the registration for my 2010 Tahoe in Jeffco.

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Was $35 a year in WV. Then our fat cocksucking governor raised it up to $50 a year. But after looking at the ops I feel better now. Sheeze!
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