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Then, why not call the cellphone provider customer service rep and put your phone on speaker phone and yell into the mic so the rep can hear you. Turn up the volumn, too.

Hey, it's a crowded McD restaurant at lunch time and others might want to hear your conversation.


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It’s so wild people that think you want to listen to their phone calls because they have to FaceTime as they are in businesses… or people that just play their music on their phone without any consideration of others while they are in a business

Get a damn Bluetooth and jam away…. But nobody wants to hear your shitty ass music
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people talking on there cell phones in a crowded enclosed area is bad enough but no, got to turn on the spekeaker so you get to listen to both sides of their shit. fricken aholes
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Hear, hear.

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Thank you
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Last night in the a waiting room, 8-9 people there and everyone on a cell, typical.

Now two of the people felt they needed to share with everyone in the room whatever it was they were listening to on the phone, youtoob, whatever,

No conversations going on but the two house TV's with volume set reasonably and these yabo's playing crap.

Its like being in a room full of contractors with the old Nextel PTT feature going off...

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