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That's normal for their stupidity.

They was supposed to drop something off today and the same thing happened to my package.

Potentially delayed, ya think?

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Easier to post here than make another thread. I'm kind of furious.

I was supposed to have a tuner for the car arriving this afternoon. Shipped out yesterday FDX overnight from FL.

As of 1300 today it was in Indianapolis. Let me repeat that. It went from FL, bypassed the city where it's supposed to go, the city in which FedEx deemed to be such an important shipping hub that they put their world headquarters there and went to Indy. Now it's updated to "Potentially delayed." No shit.

I wonder just how long they're going to delay this and the new phone that's supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

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As of a month ago I had been fairly pleased with Fedex shipping and then almost overnight it turned to shit. The last several delivery projections have all been delayed by at least a day, most by at least two days. All projected delivery dates where changed and then some of those dates were later changed again!


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As I posted on the other thread, FedEx really, really sucks. Have sucked since last year, actually, and seems worse. They constantly delay shipments, Usually 1-2 weeks, or separate the packages so one is delayed more. And the tracking is horrible. And trying to get an answer out of their reps that is truthful is impossible.
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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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I'm done with FedEx! They lost a customer rifle a few months ago. After I talked to FedEx, the ATF, local sheriff, ATF field agent, and the Virginia sheriff, I got the gun on the lost/stolen gun registry.

The next day, they "found" it and finally delivered it to the customer. They left it at the end of the driveway even though I always send with adult signature required.

Luckily, the owner was home and saw the truck drop it off. He promptly went and got it.

Had the gun removed from the stolen registry and all was good.

I'm now a full-time UPS customer. FedEx is horrible!


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Fed Ex ground is the worst. Bar none. USPS screws up too. I ordered some more keto-friendly bagles from NJ. Got into the system early AM Thursday. Cool. I should get Friday, Saturday, worst case. Nope. Disappeared in the system Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Shows up at my regional USPS sorting facilty, which means I won't get it until Monday. Bagels that are supposed to be eaten or frozen. EXPENSIVE bagels. Also, my brother owes me some money for a bulk ammo purchase to get free shipping. He live like 15 miles away. Goes into mail by noon on Wednesday, still don't have it.
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