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I have two driveways . One of them is a circle drive that we seldom use . I placed two large flower pots in the driveway to discourage people from pulling through . Most people seem unable to stay on the concrete and end up making a rut in the yard . This evening I was watching football and heard a strange noise outside . By the time I made it to the front door I saw an Amazon van pulling out of the circle and driving off . One of the flower pots was completely crushed . And yes , there was a package at the door . My wife heard me cursing and came to see what the commotion was about . I think she was more pissed than I was . She got on the Amazon Customer Service website and complained . They were apologetic and sent her a $25 gift card . Big Grin
I think I only paid about 10 bucks for the pot . This is the second time a delivery driver has hit the flower pots . They just don't get it .
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At least they got it to your house!

In my neighborhood, we have the Amazon Lottery.

The neighborhood adjoins a Civil War battlefield, so all the streets are named after officers in the battle: Captain This, Colonel That, etc.

Amazon used to deliver to our area via UPS/FedEx/USPS, but lately it's been Amazon's in-house delivery drivers, and the Amazon delivery people constantly prove themselves incapable of reading past the street number and the first word of the street name.

So if you live at 123 Captain X Street, you're going to constantly end up getting boxes dropped off addressed to 123 Captain Y Avenue and 123 Captain Z Drive, while your expected boxes end up being similarly misdelivered to other streets.

The neighborhood Facebook group is about 60% posts about missing or misdelivered Amazon packages.
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I have an Amazon package scheduled for delivery today . This might get interesting .
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It’s amazing they could actually make it into the driveway, the morons around here stop in the middle of the road and walk the packages to the door, I can only guess it’s because they don’t trust them to back into a driveway or back out of one, maybe your driver figured it was a horseshoe, how can I fuck this up lol… it’s unbelievable the quality of drivers they have. UPS drivers used to be the gold standard but even they are useless anymore
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I had Fedex leave a large box out at my mailbox on the road last week instead of driving up the driveway 175 yards and unloading it at the house. It sat out there on the road for almost two days.

Good thing I have honest neighbors.

The delivery business is horrendous these days, and Amazon is mostly responsible IMO. Used to be, for years here, exclusively UPS and (usually) two day. Nowadays, it's a week or two and usually by USPS...or Fedex...rarely UPS.

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I can only guess it’s because they don’t trust them to back into a driveway or back out of one

I have a friend who retired from UPS a few years ago. He’s told me they’re not allowed to back up, for safety reasons.
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On a 100% turnaround…my local Amazon delivery people will almost 99.9% of the time deliver my order to my porch and if it’s a larger delivery such as a bag of dog food, cleaning supplies…while my Australian Cattle dog barks her ass off…this being said, she loves herself a delivery person…the Amazon driver ALWAYS returns the “cattle dog love” with a petting and an offer to bring the shipment into my house if I need it…I love my Delivery people…they are awesome…a while back I did have a USPS person who just stacked my deliveries in front of my garage door and would leave (I subscribed to the USPS delivery service website years ago…I recommend it 100%)…I really don’t know her fate…nor do I care…but she is at least gone from my neighborhood delivery of mail and all is well…if you have any issues, let their bosses know about any failures…it will hopefully stack against them!


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I got a text the other night after 9pm from the neighbor telling me she thought I should put up caution tape across my shooting range in the woods because Amazon backed a truck into it to turn around.
It had rained for two days and he buried the truck. He had to call a tow truck.
My thought was why should I have to notify stupid people they were not allowed to turn around on my property.
I called Amazon CS and after several transfers got connected to Amazons insurance adjuster and made a claim, sent pictures and they are sending me $400.
Since I pushed the dirt back in the rutts and smoothed it out I see where there have been two other trucks turn around there so I set up 55 gl barrels and no trespassing signs.

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So far we’ve been fortunate I guess. Our Amazon drivers have been really good and careful. Probably helps I’m always home, lol.
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My dogs always scare the shit out of the Amazon delivery guys (always someone different) as I have a large glass pane on my front door and they bark and jump like they want to kill them. My UPS driver tip toes up and quietly sets the packages down as it is always the same guy and he knows about the dogs. I have a Ring doorbell so I always know when deliveries come.
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Amazon delivery guy you say? Last year, a few weeks before Christmas, I was home for a delivery. Heard the truck pull up, so I went to the front room. Through the blinds, I see the Amazon guy scan several things, and then from that pile, pick up and shove a flat package down into his pants, cover it with his shirt, then pick up the other boxes he scanned and start heading to the neighbor's house.

We didn't have cameras on the property and I didn't manage to catch it with my cellphone, so I just went out and asked him what he shoved down his pants. Long story short, I had a conversation with the guy, and though we got back the book we ordered for our son for Christmas, I had the moral quandary of whether or not to potentially get a recovering meth addict fired just before Christmas, with him knowing full well who it was that complained and where I lived, or hold him accountable for his actions. Sobriety is, in big part, about accountability and honesty, so....

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I ordered a couple bookcases from Amazon a few months back. I live next door to my parents and have stuff sent there since it's further from the road, lower chance of porch piracy. In the delivery instructions I told them to leave the boxes at the garage, didn't want them lugging these things all the way over to the parent's place. What did they do? Lugged them all the way to the parent's place.

Meanwhile, I order just about anything else, small items easy to misplace or get stolen, they'll put those by the garage. One time they put a laptop by the side door of the garage, they've never done that before.

At least it's fast, I guess.

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Usually my packages are right next to the front door . No pirates around here so that's fine . Also , they usually stop in the street in front of the house and walk across the yard . Maybe it was a different driver that thought the circle drive was a great idea . Running over a flower pot that is 14 inches tall and 24 inches in diameter ? BAD idea .
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I have 2 words for the OP…

Spike Strips!


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Originally posted by smlsig:
I have 2 words for the OP…

Spike Strips!
Well , the Customer Service Rep told my wife that they would make sure it didn't happen again . We shall see ...
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