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Move is done. By that I mean one wife, one kid, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 3 cars are now safely in new home in Florida.

Last month I spent nearly 4 hours over a handful of phone calls to setup phone, cable, internet with AT&T. The guy shows up yesterday at 9am and announces he is here to do internet. What about phone and cable? I dunno. His partner looks it up and tells up the cable boxes shipped last month. Then he revises that to say the cable order was flat out cancelled. I lose my shit. If my wife hadn’t intervened I would have told them to get their shit and leave. They finally left 6, yes 6, hours later and everything was working correctly.

So basically nothing got done on day 1.

Leave to get some food, shop for 2 new mattresses, and pick up a roku for the TV. Find a ridiculously expensive mattress complete with a “box spring” that moves your head and feet as you desire. I initially was uninterested until I tried it and then it literally sold itself. Expensively. The guy offers a no interest payment plan that included basically the store eating the first three payments. Save some $$$ so I’m willing to do it. He puts it all in computer and a few minutes later has to call the bank and they want to speak with me. Ok. Standard questions, asks for my phone number. I left my phone at home and tell her that so I ask if she will takes my wife’s number or mine with the caveat you can’t reach me on it right this second. I get bumped up to a manager. Basically she says we need to confirm who you are. Ok. Says she will send me an email that I can fill out and I quote, “in 3-5 days we will review it and make our decision”. I ask if I had my phone would the process be different because I’m only like 10 minutes from the house and can go get it. Her actual answer, “maybe”. I told her I have bought cars easier than this, slid the phone across to the mattress guy and said that was the dumbest fucking financial conversation I have ever had and I would just buy the mattresses outright.

Then I make the mistake of going into Sams Club for a Roku Stick. Nobody can answer the basic question of the difference between the Roku Ultra fir 98 bucks (which I already own 2 of at home) and the Roku Stick which just plugs into an HDMI port and only costs 38 bucks. Never got an answer and they are all locked up so I go to register as I’m told and request the Roku Stick and the lady very authoritatively announces that they are all Roku Sticks. I’ve fucking had enough of incompetence for one day and loudly tell her she is very incorrect and if she checked her own shelf she would find two distinct Roku products only one of which is a stick and they differ by 60 bucks each.

My wife told me I had gone too far. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Stupid should hurt a bit.

On the other hand I went to the landfill today. 4 bucks even and they couldn’t have been nicer. I might start looking for things to toss just so I can go back. lol
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Picture of dry-fly
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Sorry man…I absolutely LOATHE AT&T

"Attack life, it's going to kill you anyway." Steve McQueen...
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AT&T can go pound sand. Was a loyal 35+yr customer but now would not accept ANY free lifetime services. ......... drill sgt.
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Well that’s not reassuring. Lol. Good news is I have the wife this close to cutting the cord on cable and ditching the landline. Maybe ATT’s incompetence will be my best strategy.
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Dances With
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Customer Service? What is this quaint antique thing you speak of?

All I experience anymore is customer nonservice.
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