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On April 11 2020 I purchased 12 packs of AA for $1.33ea & AAA for $1.25ea from Amazon. A couple of weeks ago I checked Amazon & both sizes were $2.50ea so I decided to check at Walmart. Today at Walmart they were $2.75ea so I came home to buy at Amazon. Now at Amazon AA size are over $3.00EA!


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Supply and demand is a bitch.
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Amazon brand lithium batteries have gone way up too. An 12-pack of 9V is $65 when it's even actually in stock.

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I noticed the same thing. Luckily, I have a small set of Eneloop rechargeable AAs that I use for my most common AA stuff.

Guess I should invest in even more rechargeables.
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I save the expensive lithium primary cells for only stuff that doesn't get used often or for very long. Everything else gets Eneloops.

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is demand for lithium higher because of battery electric vehicles (bev)?

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Thinking the EV marked increased the demand, the supply is still the same.

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$1.94 each at Sam’s Club today.
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Off my Amazon orders:

April 24 2021 Energizer AA Lithium batteries, 24 pack $28.90

Price today: $63.49

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For real?
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Bought a ten pack yesterday for $25!

The cold was killing my regular batteries in my doorbell camera.

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Part of the increased demand may be based on fewer people buying Duracells.
Duracell batteries seem to often leak now and people have shifted brand/types.
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