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I don't think any of you are the "asshole" Mr. Mike, I'm sure you don't need me to validate that you are not.

On the other hand I often get labeled as such not just because I agree with yall, but because I call folks out on it.

"You just gonna fuck over your coworkers by..."

I'm a firm believer that while folks like that will rarely ever stop their behavior as it's just who they are, they 100% won't stop if someone doesn't make them aware, it's futile but also rewarding.

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Originally posted by MikeinNC:...I’m still the asshole.

You're my kind of asshole.

"the meaning of life, is to give life meaning" I could explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you. I'm gonna go to the Alamo
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Originally posted by sigmonkey:
Originally posted by MikeinNC:...I’m still the asshole.

You're my kind of asshole.

Totally agree and obviously you don't have hemorrhoids to be a pain in the ass either. Big Grin

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Originally posted by MikeinNC:
We had a female cop who knew to the minute how much sick time she had…she missed work all the time…the rest of us saved ours knowing that over the long term we could retire earlier.

She wound up getting really really sick and didn’t have time…the freaking city sent out a request for time for so and so from the police and could you donate any spare time….when I made it clear she wasn’t getting a second from me I was labeled an asshole. (Prolly for a lot of other reasons too). I tried to explain she was always out for migraines, or her goldfish was depressed, or some other shit and we had to work short because she was a slacker…doesn’t matter I’m still the asshole.

You are in good company!!
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I worked in an organization that allowed 106 hours of sick leave per year, and between 3 and 6 weeks vacation, tased on seniority. Sick leave could be accrued until retirement, but vacation was Use or Lose after 2 years.

We had a number of lame assholes who burned sick leave as soon as it was accrued. Several who later became ill actually had been placed on disciplinary notice for sick leave abuse. HR solicited regularly for these lame assholes when they became truly ill. I refused to donate. As far as I was concerned, they should have accrued sick/vacation days from the start of their careers. I considered it a sort of insurance policy. An I was able to get an extra percent of retirement when I turned my 2200 hours of sick leave in at the end.
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When I worked in education, We got 21 days of vacation time after 10 years and our sick leave could be accrued for up to one year of time and we also had slackers that used every drop because we had a sick leave bank where they took one day a year from all 1400 employees. You had to meet requirements to draw from it.

When I got severely injured, I used 90 days and then one day a week for months to go to PT.

I got reprimanded and suspended for six days without pay for sick leave abuse. (it was nothing more than a ploy to intimidate me, which is the direct reason I turned the system in for CRCT cheating)

When I left, I had over 2000 hours of sick leave and 20+ days of vacation they had to pay me for. Over $17000.

I don't use my time because of the distrust caused by the school system.


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