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I wish they would, my rates would probably go down. I remember when I started with my current company, they asked my yearly milage. I really didn't know. Together we came up with a guess.

Since then I've learned "our" guess was about 3x's too high.
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I have been with GEICO for many years. I was asked my estimated annual mileage when I first opened the account, never since, let alone actual odometer readings. Everybody probably fudges them anyway.
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Had to supply for special coverage for decades.

Trying to simplify my life...
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^^^Decades...Perhaps the type of special coverage and the insurer would be relevant here!


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I've been with State Farm for over 50 years and they have never asked me for anything except the money for the premiums.

I almost divorced them when they pulled out of Florida for Homeowners and Hurricane Insurance, but found a cheaper place elsewhere.

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I've had State Farm forever. 3 years ago when my employer had us all start working remotely, my mileage dropped significantly. I mentioned that to the agent and he dropped my premium rate by a fair bit. I expected them to ask for odometer readings to verify it, but they never did.
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The decline and fall of a once great Co.. or USAA gets hammered.

"For over 100 years, USAA has provided insurance and banking services to the military community and relied heavily on this symbiotic relationship to promote its business model. But since 2020, when Wayne Peacock became USAA's only non-veteran CEO, the corporation has embraced diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE), corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environment, social, and government (ESG) programs."

The article deals with a number of the things we've discussed here in couple different threads. I didn't read a word in this article that I disagree with.


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Originally posted by WaterburyBob:
The only time I was asked for odometer readings was when I asked for (and got) a low mileage discount from Safeco.

Same, and I used to be with them. Any carrier I have (my broker will switch me annually if he finds a better deal) I purposely do it to keep my rates down.

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