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In 1964, in Eastern Iowa,
There was 3 places to purchase most goods.
Sears, Monkey Wards and the hardware store.
The employee's knew that and made extra special efforts to get our buisness.
There are 16 places to obtain product and corporate America , the people making all the decisions ,
Care not a bit, if we shop with them or not.

Safety, Situational Awareness and proficiency.

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I was ready to order a trailer last February. It was an equipment trailer with a lot of extras like a steel deck, heavy duty wheels and tires, more steel cross members, and extra tie down points. I had a quote of $12,500.00 and asked how they wanted to be paid. I never heard back from the dealer. Now, the same trailer cost 40% more.

Same thing with boat motors. I can't get dealers to take a deposit after they agree on a price.
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Originally posted by mutedblade:
None of the dealers show a price and you have to call to get the price. No problem.

That's a big problem for me. Irritates the living crap out of me. If you don't want to tell me what you are charging, I'll go someplace that will.

Yeah, I get it, it's probably expensive and you don't want to run people off before you have a chance to stick your claws into them. Sorry. Not playing that game. Give me a price and I'll decide whether or not to pay it without any further input from some dipshit salesman.

Until then? See ya.

I was searching for cab-over campers yesterday on the interwebs. The vast majority of dealers had no price listed for the one I'm looking for. Apparently they don't want my money.


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I know this a late reply to the OP but for anyone looking for a trailer in the mid Atlantic you should check out Kauffman Trailers in NC. They are a manufacturer and sell direct. You cannot beat their prices for the quality you get.

Over the years I have bought 3 trailers from them from a tandem gooseneck trailer for our skid steer to a 14’ dump trailer.


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I wouldn't hesitate to own or use a Kaufman trailer but I don't think they are the best deal out there if you're looking for a smaller utility trailer. I did a lot of research a couple years ago and had a local guy build one from scratch. He used heavier steel and better tires and the cost was pretty much the same.

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I had looked at trailers a little over a year ago.
I need a trailer now and WOW talk about sticker shock!

But I have to suck it up.
5x8 utility trailer for motorcycles, with a spare and LED running lights all around.

Because I got a friendly guy and asked intelligent questions, he gave me the cash prices regardless of how I pay.
He also threw in the spare for free (yes, full sized).

Oh well, you pay for quality and supporting local trailer builder.

The TSC and HD, Lowes trailers, I am not trusting hauling my Ducatis on.

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