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So while cleaning my pistol and giving the solvent a chance to sit and work in the barrel, I foolishly decided to assemble the barrel and slide onto the frame without the guide rod/ spring ass'y, just to examine how the slide interacts with the FCU. As I was working the action, somehow the takedown lever flipped to locked position and the barrel breech ended up forward of the front slide supports with the slide in battery position. It appears I may have screwed myself as the slide cannot reach full retraction to allow the take down lever to be re-engaged. Total bonehead move, I know. Just curious if anyone may have had a similar issue and whether there is a work around I am not seeing before I pack it up and send it off to Sig in shame.
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It’s not clear to me exactly what the situation is, but if the takedown lever turned to the normal locked position by itself, it seems to me that it should be possible to turn it back to the takedown position. A perhaps foolish question, but have you tried that? If the barrel rotated down at the rear maybe you could get it back into in battery position by turning the slide upside down and tapping/rapping—?

That’s probably no help, but SIG Mechanics has a few videos that go into detail of how the P320 works. It might be worth looking at them to see if any might have information of value.

A search among YouTube videos in general might turn something up.

And a photo of the pistol might also generate some ideas.

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I'm trying to visualize what may have happened.

After trying to recreate what may have happened, if you can get the slide into a position where either notch on the slide is above the pointed part of the take down lever, you should be able to rotate the lever. You may need to move the slide forward and back some while trying to rotate it.

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