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Background ===================
I have had a P30L since 2017. Great gun, I love the V1 trigger, it's accurate and an easy shooter.

It has one problem. Routinely, it jams up at least once per magazine, when I use my range ammo (Blazer Brass 115gr, or equivalent) with the slide catching the spent casing before it's cleared the pistol.

However, when I use hotter loads (NATO, e.g.) it operates flawlessly.

I tested this hypothesis last weekend on the range:
- 150 Rounds Nato = Smile
- first mag of Blazer - FTE Frown

I know the theory is it will need to get broken in. I'd think that if that were going to happen it'd have happened by now.

And it's not crud and it's not lack of lube - I've hyper-cleaned and uber-lubed (technical terms Smile ) with no effect.
My question is, is there something I can do to the pistol itself (different recoil spring? Or?) or do I just buy hotter, fancier stuff to shoot through it going forward?

Or (always possible) am I missing something else?

As always, your feedback and insights would be most appreciated.
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Diablo Blanco
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I would try a slightly lighter recoil spring as the first attempt to resolve your issue. I believe Wolfe made a 10# and a 12# but you had to call because they weren’t listed on the website. Have you tried Blazer 124gr practice ammo? The heavier bullet may impact the slide travel and solve the issue. I can usually get the Blazer brass 115gr and 124gr for the same price. Hope you get it resolved.

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HK once mentioned in their P-series handgun manuals to avoid aluminum cased ammo.
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My experience has been that most 115 gr range ammo is very lightly loaded, and since my 9mm handguns seem to shoot 124 gr more accurately than 115 gr, I have migrated away from 115 gr ammo totally. Even when using 124 gr Blazer I can tell it is lightly loaded compared to other ammo, but it will function in my guns(as will the 115 gr, but just barely). Your P30 is designed for NATO ammo, so it may be reluctant to work with weaker ammo. Before going down the rabbit hole of purchasing several different recoils springs, try a heavier bullet- 124 gr or even 147 gr.

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Don't Panic
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Thanks, this is all very helpful.

Easiest first, off to track down some range ammo with beefier bullets!
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I've had problems with Blazer Brass not locking the slide open on the last round with a couple of guns. Lately I've been using AAC 115 and 124 gr. from Palmetto State. The AAC is listed at 1165 fps and the Blazer at 1145 fps with the 115 grain FMJ. The little bit extra from the AAC has been functioning fine in my guns.
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I just shot a box of Blazer Brass 115 grain through my HK P2000 w/o any issues. I wonder if the extra slide mass is the issue, as the P30/P2000 are essentially the same internally?


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If that HK P30L is a pistol that you use for shooting at the range and you don't use it for carry, I would start storing it continuously with the slide locked open for a year or two, or longer.
I also had a similar experience with my HK P2000sk. It greatly prefers 124/125 grain hotter P+ jacketed self defense ammo vs 115 range ammo.
So by all means switch to a 124/125/135/147 grain 9mm load.

I suspect the increased mass of the long slide vs the full sized or sk variants is also contributing to your issue.

My P2000sk recently had another ammo issue appear and I don't believe there is a decent solution for fixing it.
I reload all 9mm range ammunition that we shoot. We buy no range/practice/competition ammo. Every single shot is a cast lead reload.

I was doing some range practice with the HK P2000sk and burning up some expensive old carry ammo.
!00% functionality with Remington Golden Sabre P+ 124 grain brass jacket and Speer Gold Dot P+ also at i24 grain.

My range/practice/competition reload is a locally cast 125 grain cast lead round nose. CFE Pistol powder. It runs 100% in EVERYTHING we own chambered in 9mm that we have ever tried it in.
It runs great in a Ruger 9mm Police Carbine, Ruger Blackhawk convertible revolver, Dan Wesson 9mm 1911, and many different Sig P 226 and P229 models, likely at least 18+ different firearms chambered in 9mm.
100% functionality in every single firearm we have ever tested the reload in. It runs great in other peoples 9mm guns as well.
It is cast/sized to specification lead, lubed grease grooves, no plating and no powder coating.

I thought I would try the reload we make in the HK P2000sk. I hadn't ever tried the reload before as the P2000sk is a carry gun and continuously loaded with carry ammo.
I tried multiple rounds of the reload and not a single round would chamber.
That problem just isn't worth trying to fix. Expensive jacketed self defense ammo is all that HK P2000sk is going to get.
The cast lead 9mm projectiles are sized 0.001" larger that a comparable jacketed 9mm projectile. One lousy thousandth of an inch keeps the reload from running in the HK P2000sk.
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I have had a P30L since 2007. I haven’t had any issues with any 115 or 124 gr ammo, but I do recall that a buddy had trouble with his during the break in period with some lightly loaded 115 gr. ammo. I also seem to recall that HK at one point recommended using 124 gr Nato loads during break in.

How many rounds does your P30L have through it?

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