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I recently acquired the new GGI rowel hammer for my P226. Upon attempting to install the slide assembly, it would not move past the take down lever. I've tried completely disassembling the frame and starting over taking my time, not forcing anything back in place. Never experienced this issue before when installing any after market parts. I have tried different slides and different take down luck.
I do have the GGI enhanced leverage system and competition style SRT sear installed. The only non GGI component is the Sig Armorer super strut installed. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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There isn't much that can get hung up as the Slide reaches the Take Down Lever.

Does your P226 have a Magazine Disconnect Safety?

I suggest you check:

On the Frame:
Take Down Lever, ensure it isn't broken with just the tab rotating but not the internals.

Locking Insert, ensure it is in the correct position. The Slide Catch Lever Spring should not protrude above the Locking Insert. The Trigger Pivot Pin has groves that should be horizontal with the frame.

On the Slide:
Barrel is fully seated to the rear of the Slide and not out of position.

Recoil Spring is on the Recoil Spring Guide.

Recoil Spring Guide is correctly in position behind the Barrel Lug and against the Barrel.

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