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My OG P228 ex law enforcement gun has alot of slide to frame play. Is there anyway or even a reason to fix this? My P225, P220, and P226 dont have near the play that the p228 does. Thanks in advance.

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That is commen with some older P-series pistols. There's not really any way to tighten up the slide to frame fit. You could try a P229-9 slide on it to see if that takes care of the rattle.
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If you lube the rails with grease, that should cut down on the rattle.

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Long ago I contacted Grayguns about a 9mm P229 that had a lot of slide rattle. As I recall, I was told that they could try squeezing the sides of the slide together and that might improve things. Or that it could destroy the slide: no guarantees.

What’s important about this frequent question, though, is of course is how the gun shoots. Many people have reported that a rattling SIG Classic line pistol slide has no apparent effect on accuracy, and then a loose slide just helps ensure reliability.


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