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I'm looking at Night fison sights. What is the difference between a square vs U notch front and rear? Anyone have a picture? Is one better than the other for carry and accuracy?

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I don't have those sights but do have Trijicon HD XR sights on two guns with a U notch rear sight that I like better than square notch rear sights.

I get a cleaner sight picture with a U notch.
The XS sights RAM sights I have with a wide square notch works for me too.
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I have bought U-notch sights when available, and square-notch when the U type wasn’t.
In practice, especially at speed, I am never aware of the difference. The caveat, though, is that in use the rear sight is always out of focus to a greater or lesser degree, so that may affect my perceptions.

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I like the U-notch rear sight better and find it faster to make accurate shots when shooting at speed.

The bottom of the U-notch mimics the shape of the front fiber optic on my pistols. This causes me to bring the front sight lower in the rear notch. This counters the tendency to align the dot with the top of the ears on the rear sight

Note: the sights on all my pistols are zeroed for the bullets to strike at the top of the front blade...I zero at 15 yards

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