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Is it possible to get a slide caliber conversion kit for a P320 compact RX Pistol that would work on a regular P320 compact pistol? I would like to get a caliber change kit to go to 357 and trying to find out if I could have the best of both worlds A 9mm without the red dot and the 357 with the red dot. Hopefully someone who knows more then I do about this and maybe can tell me where to get parts if it is possible.

Hopefully as I learn more so I can be of some help to others so thank you very much. (Can'not go fishing in this kind of weather so it should be a great time to get reacquainted with my friends Mr. Sig, P320 and Mr. GLOCK -23 AND Glock jr.-19 And of course my baby Ruger LC9S- Pro.
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Is this what you want? (Out of stock right now.)
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Your post is a bit confusing, but if I understand your question correctly, you currently have a standard P320 9mm Compact, and want a .357 Sig RX slide setup for it. Is that right?

Sig doesn't sell the RX slide by itself, or even as an Xchange kit. Only complete pistols. And the RX is currently only available in 9mm anyway.

But you could get a standard .357 Xchange Kit, like GaryBF linked to, and send the slide off to one of the various companies who mill standard slides to accept red dots. These include places like Parker Mountain Machine, Springer Precision, L&M Precision, Galloway Precision, etc.

It won't be an official Sig RX, but you'd still have a .357 slide with a red dot, and a 9mm slide without.
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