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Getting ready to install Romeo X Pro on my P220 Legion .45.

How important is it to obtain precise torque measurements of 28 inch pounds? Do I need to buy a special driver or can I just eyeball it?

Very important?
Not important?

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You are big, burly, and strong . . . that little screw is very small but not insignificant. Over-torque and it stretches more than it should (it's supposed to stretch a very small amount with proper torque), strips threads, or breaks. Too loose and it comes loose.

Or as Clint would say: "Are you feeling lucky . . . . . . ?
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It's not like you couldn't torque it reasonably, I could but I would always still use a torque wrench.
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Torque wrenches are good. "Use 'em if you got'em...." Big Grin

Otherwise, if tightening just by feel, always ask yourself while tightening...."How much of a pain is this going to be if I shear off this screw at the base?" That one question always reduces my "enthusiasm" for over tightening !! Big Grin
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