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I have a P232 that I sent to Sig and had it converted to DAO many years ago. I am considering buying a second P232 and converting it myself because Sig no longer does DAO conversions, nor do they sell DAO hammers.

I have taken the Sig classic P-Series armorer's course, but it did not cover the P232. I have converted P239, P228, and P229's to DAO by swapping in a DAO hammer and removing the de-cocking lever and spring.

Numrich still sells P232 DAO hammers. But if I remove the grips on my DAO P232, there is another DAO specific part that replaces the de-cocking lever pin which holds the sear spring in place (see linked image below). Numrich does not sell one of those. However, it looks like that part is simply a de-cocking lever that has been cut to leave the pin and some material to ride against the frame. Is this correct? If so, could I simply leave the de-cocking lever in place after installing the DAO hammer? Or would I need to trim a decocking lever to make this part? Numrich does sell used P232 de-cocking levers and I'd rather cut one of those than the one that comes with the gun.

Also, can anyone recommend a DVD that covers P232 complete dis-assembly and re-assembly? Perhaps the one sold by opspectraining? I found a PDF of the P230 armorers manual online, but not one for the P232.

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I see no reason you couldn't leave the decocking lever in place.

My old armorer's dvd covered the 230/232, but it's long out of stock. Not sure if Bruce's does or not.


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