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I can't remember when I bought your dvd on the P-series pistols, but once again that dvd was where I went to resolve a problem that was probably of my own creation. The really slick part of it is I could look really smart if I didn't feel a little guilty about it.

Thanks again.

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Glad to hear!


"Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician." -Jeff Cooper

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Originally posted by Chris Orndorff:
Glad to hear!

Chris I just wanted to piggyback on the comment. I've had your DVD for years now and refer back to it every so often. In fact, I've transcribed small portions of it to a Word doc. just as a handy dandy quick reference step-by-step and included a listing of tools needed for whatever I might be attempting.

Thanks for your excellent work and instruction on this invaluable resource!

My copy is getting a little long in the tooth so if you ever decide to do another run be sure and let us know so that we can order up. Cool
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