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Bought a used P232 from my LGS, blue finish, in VG condition, only issue so far is the mag release on the bottom on the grip is very stiff and hard to release. Took off one side of the grip, can see a spring about 1.5" long controls the tension of the mag button. I'd like to replace it for more ease in removing the mag. Anyone know which spring this is, and where tto get one?
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The main spring for the hammer is the spring your after.
Numrich gun parts corp has them in stock.
Top gun supply should also carry them.
It will be a pain to change and doubtful it will lighten it up any.
Does de cocking the hammer make it easier to push the mag release?
Have you tried more then one mag or does it get easier with an empty mag?
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The main spring for the hammer is the spring your after.

Correct. If you go too light you may get light strikes (misfires). Which is more important to you?
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I believe the 230 / 232 is designed with a bit of resistance to the magazine release in order to to help it resist being accidentally pushed off if it snags on something. In this country, the 230 / 232 is thought of as a concealment or carry pistol. But they were actually police duty guns in a lot of countries and a stiff release was better for a duty holster.

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Practice will make you proficient with that release, but it won't make the spring easier.
The tension created by the release bar holds the empty mag for the officer/holder to make a safe exchange for a full mag. Sort of old fashioned,
but only if the empty mag is the one on the ground.

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