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Just took delivery. Needed considerable effort to zero.

The red dot seems more like a tight cluster of separate dots with a faint starburst surrounding it.

Is this normal? I was expecting a tight dot with crisp edges and no flare. I would call Sig but I expect it will be impossible to reach them for a couple of weeks. Thanks
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My dot is fuzzy and oblong. Of course my eyesight isn't what is was decades ago.

If I squint really hard, or use the very bottom of of my progressive glasses, it is a clear, single dot.

If you don't have eyesight issues, a call to SIG may be in order.

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Something that will affect optics more than iron sights is glaucoma. Might want to have it checked during your next visit to the ophthalmologist.

Excess fluid builds up in the eye. Increases pressure on the eye itself, that if untreated, can eventually result in blindness. It starts slowly and progresses insidiously. With the excess fluid, it refracts incoming light and can end up distorting your vision.

One clue is at night. If headlights and reflections off road signs are diffused and fuzzy, that's a bad sign. I'm not a doctor, but I know what glaucoma looks like and how it affects shooting. I also have cataracts. Had eye surgery on right eye for both (piece of cake) last year and it reduced the glaucoma pressure in that eye and eliminated the cataract. Glaucoma and cataract is also in left eye, but is manageable for the time being.

With cataracts, the replacement plastic lens can be set to your preference and specific eye condition. Check the Internet if you need more info. The lenses can be biased to shooting requirements, if desired.

Main thing if you have eye problems that impact your shooting is that there are a number of things you can do. Don't just suffer with it. First step though is a proper medical exam. I'm 75 and shooting as well as I ever have. One of my incentives is shooting with a large defensive shooting group (all younger). I strive to be in the top 10% and, so far, always end up there.

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The shape of the dot depends on the brightness setting and your eyesight. On the brighter settings or with glasses on the dot is blotchy, on the lower settings I see a dot when I don't wear glasses.
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It seemed like a good idea...
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Go get checked for astigmatism. I have it as well. I already wear glasses though, but I did have to have them bump up the astigmatism power or whatever it is. Pretty clean tight dot.

One way to check if its your eyes or the red dot... Take a picture of the dot with your phone. If it looks fine in the pictures, its your eyes.

You can also take a piece of paper and punch a small hole with a pen in it. Look at the red dot through the paper. Or look at the red dot through your rear flip up site on an AR.

Those are a couple quick and easy test.

Also, dont stare at the dot, especially inside your house. That always seems to make it fuzz out. Look at it outside and look past the scope/dot, at a target, not specifically the dot itself...


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