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Hi There, I am helping my father with bringing this gun back to carry order. I a having issues finding proper grip screws for this firearm.

I acquired the hogue soft overmolded rubber grips. The screws original factory screws won't hold them. The sig screws protrude too far and keep the magazine from sliding. If I use blue loctite and do not screw the grip screw all the way in then the screws loosen.

What is the right way to secure these grips? Lock washers? Rubber O-Rings?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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An o-ring would work, or you could get the appropriate screw from Hogue. At least you used to be able to.


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When I put the Hogue finger grooved grips on my P230 I used the factory screws and the lock washers and they fit properly and stayed put using loc-tite.

Do you still have the lock washers? Often times they remain in the grips and are over looked.

Let me know if you no longer have them.

I have never had the Hogue grip screws but I thought they were to be used with lock washers where normally used in factory screws.

Ken@Hogue is a member here and will know for sure what the Hogue screws will do for your needs.
Ken is a stand up guy and will help you out.

I sent him an email with a link to this thread so he should be along shortly to help... Smile
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I'm here,

-Hogue grips are designed not to use the stock star washers.
With that said, if your screws hit the mag then you should have room to use external star type lock washers. Do you have the stock lock washers? if so, use them if so. Rubber O rings could work also. may be an easier find if you don;t have the lock washers. May be able to get the washer direct from Sig
-Model P230 and P232 pistols will accept the same screws. However the head height of a factory P232 screw is thicker to fit flush with the surface of the thicker P232 Sig grip panel. The pistol frames are tapped with the same thread size.
-Grips will interchange on P230 and P232 pistols. However, the thicker heads of factory P232 screws will rise slightly above the surface of Hogue grip.
-P230 screws can be used on a P232 pistol fitted with Hogue grips. Also model P220 screws are the same as P230, it simply has four instead of two screws.
-Grip screws should be torqued to 13-15 inch lbs. Blue loctite is suggested on the threads. A quality correct fitting 3/32" hex / Allen or slot driver is a must!

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This is the site of Numrich gun parts.

Screws and washers and many other parts.

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I have had a lot of luck buying spare P226/P228 screws on Amazon.

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