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I learned the hard way to the tune of a $200.00 1911 barrel. I used a rubber tip with jewelers rouge and by the time I got the shine I wanted, I had a nice little M4 ramp polished into my brand new ported barrel.

It seems "Dumbassery" voids warranties. I have that barrel on a shelf to remind me not to repeat things like that.

And in case anyone wants to know, M4 feed ramps might work OK on M4's, they do not work on 1911's.

Yeah, I used to have a couple of guns.
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Originally posted by Stilletto:
Does Polishing the Barrel affect resale value?

Just curious....I think I have decided to Keep my P220 Carry for the House/Range gun.
Was thinking of polishing the feed ramp and while I was at it going ahead and doing the whole barrel and guide rod.

STRICKLY for the bling factor.....

Also considering doing something with the controls as well....Thoughts?

If you are going to keep it, then why worry about resale value? Wink Do whatever you want with it.


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Originally posted by Nipper:
First, a Dremel improperly used will generate a lot of heat. I don't know for fact, what that may or may not do the the characteristics of the surface metal. Don't intend to find out. Second, my understanding of the aforementioned gunsmiths was that after a point, it creates a somewhat brittle, easily damaged (but gleaming) surface. Again, I claim no metallurgical expertise. Regardless, I simply don't do things to guns that serve no purpose and run the risk of creating a reliability issue.

I agree with the general point -don't fix what ain't broke.

Curious about the gunsmiths' statements though. Did they have a theory of how barrels stand up to the heat of heavy range sessions but not the heat generated by a bit of Dremel use?
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It was a LONG time ago that I read those statements. However, I recall the general topic was polishing, not how heat affects other components during the routine use of the firearm.

If you think about it though, an overly aggressive Dremel bob applied to the surface of small components is entirely different from relatively uniform heat distribution across a large component (barrel) which is designed with that heat in mind.

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Originally posted by Stilletto:
Originally posted by JDG:
"Has the feed ramp been polished?" Is the first words out of my mouth on a used pistol purchase. I will not buy it if it has had any permanent mods...

Not even if it was done by Sig Sauer?
According to Sig, polishing of the feed ramp increases reliability.

Anyways, the consensus is pretty strong that I should leave it be...and I think I shall do just that.
Perhaps I'll do it to one of my rugers....leave the Sig be Smile

All of mine are 100% reliable, I am not sure what benefit I could receive out of being 103% reliable.


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