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I posted this elsewhere, but maybe this is the better place for it.

I have a new P320 FDE. I took it to the range a couple of weeks ago. I fired about 150 rounds of varies 115 gr 9mm ammo through it. 9 out of 10 spent cases hit me either on my baseball cap brim or on top of my glasses frames. They would come flipping out of the rear of the slide end over end and plunk me. It is hard to concentrate when something is coming straight back at your face.

When I got home, I field stripped the pistol for inspection and cleaning. I didn't find anything that looked out of the ordinary. The ejector was not bent and the extractor showed no signs of distress.

This is my first Sig product, but I have over 45 years of experience with 1911A1 pistols, Glocks, and Smith & Wesson polymer products. This has never happened to me before.

After cleaning the pistol, I applied a medium coat of light oil prior to reassembly. I plan to shoot several hundred more rounds through this pistol. If the situation persists, I will return it to Sig for their review. I would probably have the trigger recall done at that time. If I don't return it, I will pass on the recall update.
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Nipper's post above is in regard to the fact that cross-posting is generally frowned upon on this forum. Feel free to update your other post with any new info you may have. More people read the Pistols forum in general, and most of the good advice-givers from this sub-forum frequent the Pistols forum as well.

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