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The extractor on my p229-22 has pretty much been worn away. Its just barely holding the casings and the extraction is very weak. When you hand rack the gun they roll out or just come loose in the chamber. I have some snap caps with a larger rim than a standard .22 and they fly out perfectly.

Contacted Sig about this and a few other parts required to repair the firearm and was told they would not sell .22 Conversion parts because they are discontinued. The only way to potentially get the parts was to send in the firearm.

Are there any other P Series extractors that can modified to work in the .22 Conversion? Looks like it was part #1200503-R. The MidWestGunWorks listing looks different than mine. Mine is stamped with a 3 and looks almost exactly like this one except for the claw.

I found some other variations Extractor 1,2, and 3 and they all appear to have the same dimensions/body with a slightly different claw and pad.
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