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Does it matter which way the magazine springs are installed into the sig 1911-22 magazines?

Is there a right & wrong way?
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If you're asking because you disassembled yours and want to know how to put it back together, please just say so. Somebody on the forum with a Sig 1911 .22 will likely respond. I personally don't own one.

Generally, ANY mag spring should be reinstalled the same way it was before it was removed. Most mag springs have a front/back and a top/bottom. If reassembled incorrectly, it will cause functioning issues. Rule of thumb on any disassembly is to note the position of all components. Either take notes or pics.

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From diagrams I have looked at it seems to be like most other 1911 magazines. There is a loop that fits under the follower and a a non looped end that sits on top the magazine insert.

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