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Decided I wanted to be able to actually see the target when using my suppressor, so I ordered and just received a set of Trijicon suppressor height tritium sights. I tried searching but haven't been able to come up with a satisfactory answer as to what tool may allow me to perform this operation. What advice do you guys have? Also, given the high cost of these tools, would definitely appreciate it if anyone had one they could lend me, would of course pay shipping both ways. Thanks!
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If I remember correctly, there is or used to be a 'Pay it forward' MGW 307 sight tool that was continuously being sent from one SF member to another. I don't know if it'll work on suppressor height sights though. We had a thread related to it before, but the answer is still inconclusive to me.

The Wheeler sight tool would probably work. It's made in China, and there are many clones available. I see them for under $70 on Amazon.
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I have never personally pushed the suppresser height sight but seem to remember an online buddy using the MGW 307 already mentioned.

I believe the channeled cut in the sight tool wasn't deep enough for the tall sights but used the outside edges of the sight block to push with.

Movement/travel distance is limited but he was able to start the new sight by hand and lightly tap on or drift it over enough to then be able to push off the edge of the 307 sight tool.
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email sent on MGW307 loan
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