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I attempted to remove the front sight of my P228 in order to replace it. I used the official German made sight pusher and ended in searing off the sight blade from the sight dovetail. Then had the sight dovetail stuck in the slide dovetail with no sight blade so tried a punch on the edge of sight dovetail. It did not move so in attempt to reduce pressure I took hacksaw and made cut in center of stuck sight dovetail making sure not to go too far. I enlarged a bit with files, still would not move.

So, at this point looking for other approaches to try. I am sure I used loctite to install as I can see loctite residue running parallel to the dovetail which I am sure was loctite that filled in under the sight blade.

In short, I have a loctited in dovetail base minus sight blade jammed in the slide dovetail. I am wondering if there is something I can apply that will loosen the loctite and make it possible to punch out sight dovetail base. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Diablo Blanco
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First, I assume you are moving the old sight out right to left. Second, I have found the best way to soften loctite is with heat from a heat gun. If it were mine and the blade was sheared off, I’d hit it with a heat gun and bang it out with a brass punch and a hammer. There are some heat resistant loctite formulas but but heat will soften normal blue and red.

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Blue Loctite withstands up to 300 F, while red Loctite withstands up to 450 F.
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