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I don't change sights a lot but after getting the rear XS big dot sight stuck on my lc9s and not being able to get it off no matter how much hammering I did, I realized I needed the proper tool. Who doesn't like having an excuse to buy another tool.

The gen 4 (kind of a copy of the glock pusher) saved my butt and it's worth the $80 on amazon imo. I couldn't believe how much force it took before that "crack" occurred.

There are lots of universal tools out there but I believe this one kept me from doing any damage. There was no way I could have hammered it back off to make further adjustments before re-installing. Hammer and brass punches only go so far.
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Many sights require some fitting (reduction) before installation. While I own a few model-specific sight pushers, I find myself using hammer and punch (nylon and/or brass) more than anything. And I've found that the heavy duty MGW sight tool won't budge the sights in an XD/XDm pistol. OK for installation, but not removal.


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since I have a number of different pistols I have the B & J MACHINE - P500 UNIVERSAL SIGHT TOOL which has worked great for me. I also have the old stand by brass and nylon punch which I sometimes use.
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If you've got multiple types of guns, the MGW Sight-Pro along with a Ruger LC slide shoe will get it done. Spendy but well worth it if you have or are planning to have an assortment of different semi-autos in your collection. The Wheeler Armorer's universal sight tool has been getting a lot of positive reviews as well, and is half the price of the Sight-Pro. I've not tried it but we sell Wheeler tools and I might order one in for the shop as a trial for our sight installation tasks.
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I use the SightPro. Not the cheapest but heavy duty and works with almost anything.

Installation is only one use and minor sight changes are always needed.

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Another dedicated Sight Pro user here.

Bought one several years ago and loved it. I convinced my boss at the time to buy one for the gun shop/range I used to worked at years ago. The wasn't a pistol it couldn't handle, ( including XDs, XDm's, etc, though they would sometimes need more leverage applied. )

Talked the owner of the gun shop I've been working at for the last couple years to buy one recently.

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Another vote for the sight pro. Initial cost is a little more than a single pistol MGW, but once you have the sight pro, each pistol type is only a $15 shoe and you are good to go. I have a glock, an HK and a sig classic shoe and it fits 98% of sights I change on friends and coworkers guns.


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Ive used this one for a while:

It does a pretty good job once you figure out the best way to use it. The only thing i can't do on it so far is my P320X5 front sight. The spring shroud is just 1/8" too long to get a comfortable bite on the blade of the sight.

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I use hammer/punch on Sigs, Glocks and 1911's. Using the proper equipment and technique, it should be possible to safely remove any sight with a hammer/punch. My relatively small (not full size) ball peen hammer has been sufficient for all my installs/removes. I then choose between the nylon and brass tip based on the amount of resistance.

Whenever the method is discussed, the following is usually not covered.

First, the vise should be padded, but not a soft pad that results in some springing (movement) when force is applied.

Second, a HEAVY bench vise must be used. One that won't move at all when the sight is being moved. Same as proper padding - any springing will cause a problem.

Third, the bench vise MUST be securely mounted on a heavy/stable bench. Again, no movement of the slide/vise/bench.

I have nothing against sight pusher tools and would recommend them for most users. With hammer/punch, you need the right equipment and an understanding of the proper technique. Most of the sights I have installed require fitting to the dovetail. This requires patience and some knowledge. Personally, I take it as a matter of pride that all mine have a perfect friction fit and have never moved. I don't use Loctite or any adhesives.

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Originally posted by gundog55:
since I have a number of different pistols I have the B & J MACHINE - P500 UNIVERSAL SIGHT TOOL which has worked great for me. I also have the old stand by brass and nylon punch which I sometimes use.

+1 for the B and J sight pusher. When it is adjusted properly it will move any sight I have had to remove or install. Including the stubborn XD and Kahr sights. And I do not like to use the hammer/punch method on tritium or other night sights.
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