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A friend was having light strike problems with his P320. I told him how to remove and clean the striker and he didn’t notice any obvious problems, but thought it odd that the striker spring consisted of two, one inside the other. After cleaning the striker he fired a good number of rounds without any problem, but today he had another light strike during another session when we were together.

I removed the striker assembly and also noted what appeared to be two springs, one inside the other, but one end was protruding out. I switched assemblies and took his home to replace the spring. When I removed the old one I discovered that it was two springs, but only because the original had broken in half.

I do not know exactly how many rounds he has through the pistol, but several thousand.

I’m surprised that the broken spring worked to fire the gun at all, especially as the two halves had migrated together. Something to be aware of.

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I have not encountered this, but I don't see a lot of P320s in CA as they are not on the approved Roster of new pistols FFLs are permitted to sell/ship to CA residents.

I'm wondering how many dry-fire with/without a snap-cap he performed (if any) on top of having firing several thousand rounds???

Per Sig's recommended Armorer maintenance is to replace the entire Striker Assembly at 20,000 rounds fired.

The Striker Assembly as you stated, includes the Striker Spring.

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