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220ST (45acp, steel frame and slide. Original is braided but no color code.

Sig has 20lb green springs. Wolffee said they don't carry anything that will work.

Is there a difference in spring rates for a steel frame vs a alloy frame 220? Both slides are stainless.
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Although I can expect some pundit to chime in with “Your theories are just stupid,” in theory the stainless steel slides could get by with a lighter spring because they’re a few grams heavier, but I have never seen a full size P220 multistrand twisted wire recoil spring color coded with anything other than green paint.

I’m surprised that Wolff said they couldn’t help. I suspect that whoever said that just didn’t know what was being asked. Any recoil spring suitable for the full size P220 or 357/40 P226 will work.

And to pick a final nit about terminology, SIG multistrand recoil springs aren’t “braided,” the wires are twisted around a central axis. This is braided. Smile

Added: And just to be certain, I pulled my P220ST out and confirmed that it has a green paint recoil spring.

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