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I picked up a used P229 today that was completely dry (not dirty, just dry). I tried to load it but it would jam on HP or FMJ using the slide release. Without the slide or ammo it would rack if I pulled back all the way, but if I only pulled it part way it would bind and not go into battery. I then oiled the heck out of it and everything seems to be working fine now. Did it just need lube or should I keep looking for any issues?
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Diablo Blanco
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Yes, it was most likely just the lube. Sigs like ARs like to be run wet.

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I Deal In Lead
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I've seen this a few times with friends' guns.

It just needed lube.
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If your weapon has a lot of use or is older you might consider replacing the recoil spring. Also a good cleaning if not regularly done.
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