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Please educate me:
* What is the factory Zero for Sig Iron Sights?
* Which Hold (sight picture), 6:00, Center or Combat? At what distance?
* Is the 0 irons distance different for P-Series (Hammer) vs. Sriker-fired?
* Is the 0 irons distance different for Tall Irons when a Romeo1Pro optic is factory installed?
* What is the factory Zero distance for the Romeo1Pro?

My understanding is Sig irons are factory zero to Combat hold at 10 yds.
and RDS optics at 25 yds. The 2006 Armorers manual states irons are zero Combat / 25 yds. Did Sig change that when they started selling RDS, for Striker-fired, or was I misinformed by my (paid) trainer, who is also the Range/Store Sig Armorer?
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I've never seen anyone mention anything other than 25 yards for the factory iron sights. All my old P-Series armorer manuals clearly state a 25 yard zero.

Now I believe the original distance the Germans were referencing was 25 METERS, but we're lazy Americans so what's 2.3ish yards among friends. Razz


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The Romeo 1 Pro manual doesn't mention anything about it having been zeroed. I would be surprised if optics are zeroed at all, from any manufacturer. I also have multiple Trijicon models and have never heard about any of them being zeroed. Even if optics are zeroed, chances are I don't use the ammunition they might have used (or the gun for that matter) and I have to do it after I mount it anyway.
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Sigs with a 3 dot sight set are a 25 yd zero with a combat hold from what I have read and seen. Striker and P 2xx series

Sig suppressor sights are one size only (6/8) and are the same zero.

I zeroed my R1 at 25 yds.

Federal has a handy ballistics calculator that you can use as a reference for POI shift with different zero ranges.
Using 124 gn HST as a reference and a 25 yd zero you'll be about .03" low from 10 to 40 yds.
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From the Sig Sauer website

My SIG SAUER pistol is not accurate. Why? What should I do?

All SIG SAUER production duty/combat pistols are set up to use a “combat” sight picture. This is where the front sight completely covers the bullseye of the target. Using a six o’clock (“pumpkin on a post”) or center mass (“half’n’half”) sight picture will result in low impact. SIG SAUER, Inc sights in all non-sporting and non-target pistols for 2 inch groupings @ 10 yards. If you are still having trouble please contact Customer Service for further help and instruction. Please have your serial number ready. There are also very helpful free Internet sites that cover pistol group analysis.

At some point Sig must have changed, since they used to say their non-competition pistols were zeroed at 15 yards.

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I'm wondering why you care? Sights are really a personal thing and sig can tell me they did whatever but I am going to move them till they do what I want.

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