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Originally posted by LFOD1776:
Any more ideas before I ship the pistol back to Sig?

I've followed this thread for some time, waiting to see the final resolution. I've owned multiple P226s in all the centerfire calibers offered, and vintages ranging from the late '90s up to the mid- 2000s. Your P226R is one of the newer models w/ the long extractor, but my experience is with both the internal and short extractors. In .357 SIG I've used multiple ammo brands including extensive experience shooting the Speer 54234 in multiple P226s with absolutely zero stoppages using various mag. designs.

IF you have double checked and confirmed the correct magazine spring orientation, then I'm going to suggest a couple issues in a different direction.

I once encountered a FTFeed with Blazer aluminum (.40 S&W) that produced a similar stoppage. After clearing the round I finished firing the remaining rounds in the mag., then reloaded the mag. w/ the problem round and experienced the same stoppage. After a couple more attempts I started to experience a secondary issue with set-back.

After spending a couple hours taking measurements on both the fired casings as well as the remaining rounds in the box, I eventually determined that the problem round had an OOS case rim. I contacted Blazer and provided pics and info, the CSR was very appreciative, sent me a new box of ammo and, after I later provided the lot#, informed me that I was using an old box of ammo and that they had already determined that there was a problem with that lot and had corrected.

Yes, Speer JHP is high quality defensive ammo, I trusted it enough to carry it for defensive purposes...but it is possible that you may have a couple boxes of OOS ammo. If, as you suggest this same ammo has functioned properly in your P229 then this would seem to throw some water on this possibility...but I would still suggest spending some time measuring both the successfully fired casings, the remaining rounds in the box, and the problem rounds and comparing the measurements.

Another possibility is with the long extractor itself, in which either there is some dirt/grit/fouling preventing the extractor from fully extending away from the breech face, or possibly a burr, and preventing the case rims from consistently sliding up the breech face behind it.

One last possibility, although this certainly isn't common, I've read one instance where a forum member had a problematic SIG slide in which the breech face was ever-so-slightly improperly machined at a slight angle, and SIG opted to replace the slide with a new one, which resolved his stoppage issues.

If it were me T/Sing this issue I'd:

- Remove the slide, remove the barrel/ guide rod/ recoil spring, and then check both the successfully fired casings, the remaining cases in the box, and the problem rounds to see if they all slid behind and were properly oriented while held by the extractor. If you noticed any problems then either an extractor cleaning and inspection, or possibly even an Extractor and/ or Extractor Spring replacement.

- Break out the calipers and measure both the successfully fired rounds, the remaining rounds in the box, and the problem rounds and compare the measurements to each other and to spec.

Good luck!
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