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When reassembling the 1911 pistol after detail stripping, I am in the habit of assuring the hammer is in its forward most position before installing the sear spring, grip safety and mainspring housing assembly. (Of course, with the hammer in this position, the least amount of force is required to fully insert the mainspring housing assembly.) Once installed and the mainspring housing pin is fully seated, the final step is to cock the hammer in preparation to install the thumb safety. During this cocking operation, I sometimes experience an audible [i]click[/] which is noticeably louder than during normal operation of the pistol. While I've never experienced any malfunctions or performance issues after assembly, my OCD tendencies question whether or not there is potential for damage with this method - either to the sear spring or to the hammer/sear engagement. Any thoughts or clarifications are appreciated. Thanks!
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That’s how I reassemble mine, but I don’t recall hearing any unusually loud “clicks”.


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