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I have this pistol and have put about 500 rounds thru it. The trigger is terrible. Lots of creep and it's very rough. Can anything be done to help it and if so how would I go about having it done. Thanks
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Sometimes a good cleaning and relubrication of all the frame components can significantly improve the trigger feel.

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If you're talking about the P-226 .22 Classic....

I had Sig do their Accuracy Enhancment Pkg on mine when it went back for some barrel issues after I first got it.

Their work was reasonably priced, done right the first time, and didn;t take too long at all.

I liked it enough to add 9mm conversion and .357sig kits to have centerfire capability.

Its NoT a bullseye gun, that's my X5-L1.
But the Sig trigger job is a definite matter which top end I use and which loads I shoot.
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