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Hello all,
Been looking around a bit and, unless I've just missed it, I don't think Sig has ever made a conventional slide or X Series slide (non-Pro-Cut) that is optics ready *and* in 40/357 chambering. Maybe I'm wrong and just haven't found it, but in lieu of Sig producing one, I figured maybe I'd have an existing slide of mine milled to match what Sig does. I called Sig's custom shop and they said they did not offer that service.

So I figured I'd ask the group here if anyone was aware of any very highly skilled gunsmiths that might be able to replicate the slide milling *exactly* as Sig would do it from the factory. Thanks!

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I have a Norsso P320 40/357 optics ready slide. It is a quality product and I have had not issues with it. Norsso P320 40/357 Slides
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I'm sure someone somewhere could do "exactly" what sig does. But nobody does because what sig normally does is not very smart. Robert Burke, Jagerworks, PMM, C&H all come to mind as competent on the issue of cutting a slide to fit an optic. But I would guess literally everyone in this space does a 320 given its universality. But nobody should do what sig does.

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