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The ATF has determined that the Rare Breed Trigger design while utilizing a single trigger pull is actually a "machine gun". Eek
Can you only imagine if Chipman is confirmed (although in doubt now) how bad it is going to get?
Time for the ATF to quit making laws!

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Rare Breed Triggers Response: Suing the ATF.

ATF Sued By Trigger Manufacturer

One of the biggest concerns for gun owners with the current administration is that Joe Biden will try to use the regulatory powers of the executive branch to impose new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms since he can’t get his gun ban plan through Congress. We’re already witnessing the a couple of attempts to do so with the proposed rules regarding unfinished frames and receivers and pistol braces that are still open for public comment, but a new lawsuit filed by Rare Breed Triggers is another example of how the agency can abuse its regulatory authority and cause big problems for companies that are trying to do the right thing.

As detailed in the federal lawsuit filed in Orlando, Florida, the company had four different former ATF agents take a look at their FRT-15 trigger to make sure it complied with ATF regulations and every one of them concluded that the trigger did not meet the ATF’s definition of a “machine gun.”

These four experts, with over 100 years of combined law enforcement experience, are well known to the Defendants. This is not only because of their former employment as ATF special agents, but also because the DOJ and ATF presented each of them as experts in the Defendants’ cases and criminal prosecutions on the subject of what does and does not constitute a “machinegun” under federal law.

In reliance upon the opinions of the Plaintiffs’ legal counsel and the opinions of these well-qualified industry experts and former ATF agents, RBT proceeded to sell the FRT-15.

On or about July 26, 2021, the DOJ, acting thorough the ATF, called the Plaintiffs in for a meeting with SAC.

At that meeting, Rare Breed was told by the SAC that his chain of command at ATF had told him to issue a cease-and-desist letter because the agency had examined the FRT-15 and had come to the conclusion that it was, in fact, a machine gun under ATF regulations.

When the Plaintiffs asked to see the alleged “examination”, SAC admitted to the Plaintiffs that while he knew who would normally do such an examination, (TEC Branch), he did not have the examination and had never seen it. SAC’s legal counsel also confirmed she did not have it and had not seen it.

SAC then hand delivered the Cease and Desist Letter to the Plaintiffs (“Cease and Desist Letter”).

The Cease and Desist Letter bases all of its directives on this alleged “examination” which has never been provided to the Plaintiffs.

The Cease and Desist Letter does not reveal the method of testing or the examination applied by the ATF’s Tampa Field Division in order to reach the conclusion that the FRT-15 is a machinegun, and it provides no details as to its conclusion other than to say that the FRT-15 allows more than one round of ammunition to be expelled at a time.
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I never felt compelled to purchase one of these, and I think anyone who ever learned about them probably guessed this would happen. It's a shame. I admire companies like this for investing themselves and their money in a product they likely know is going to be controversial and risky. I wish there was a way companies like this could sell their wares at a cheaper price, to get more of them out into the wild before they run into trouble with the man. In the realm of fancy triggers, their price really wasn't bad, but not quite sweet enough that someone who didn't really want one would get one anyway. I am not implying they were overpriced; more wishfully thinking a manufacturer with an idea like this has pockets deep enough to do it solely in the name of liberty, I guess. Yes, I know that's silly.
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