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Sad to see Arizona following suit with all these stupid attempts of gun grabbing.

I wish all these people moving here from California would realize THEY ruined their state by voting for all the crap they vote for. Unfortunately, California is ruined so they all move here and continue to do the exact same crap that ruined California.

I realize it’s not just the people from California, but that’s a lot of our issues and why we are a little more purple here now instead of red.
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Cogito Ergo Sum
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Seems to be a concerted effort across the country.
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It's a partisan bill unlikely to go any further, at least while Gov. Ducey is in office. Pray that Gov. Ducey stays happy and healthy in his role. Secretary of State Hobbs is a Democrat and would assume the position of Governor since there is no Lt. Governor.

Now had ultra liberal David Garcia won the election... Roll Eyes

FYI, Gov. Ducey recently supported introducing new legislation which have prohibited sanctuary cities in AZ.

He backed down when liberal groups started complaining. Evidently, he was concerned the legislation could have similar effects as SB1070 of a few years ago. It's disappointing that he took that stance.

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