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The amended SB 114 became SB 348 is supposed to be up for a vote today, if it all stays on track.
Try as I might I still haven't found a complete correct copy of the final ammended bill. The bill had an additional eleven ammendments added after it left committee and is now far worse than the bills that were just passed in Washington state.

No one is talking about the ammended bill and the Dems pulled some pretty shady stuff to get it voted on...

Our one hope would be if the Senate Republicans walk out, in their entirety, and refuse to vote on the bill.

It's late and I'm going to see if I can find anything else about what may be happening with the bill and surrounding politics.

More later,

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Wow sorry to hear it’s far worse than ours here in Washington.
I’ll try to read more about it.
These two states are going to liberal hell so fast I can’t believe it.
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John Lott was going to provide a statement to the legislature, but they BLOCKED HIM since they didn't want to hear his side of the story.

Talk about Mob rule.

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There has been some movement on this issue.

According to the story 114 still does not go into effect yet. Pending the outcome of another court.

However, Friday's ruling does not change anything in the state yet due to the ongoing challenge at the state level. Measure 114 remains on hold over a state court order in Harney County, with a trial set for September. A judge there will look at Oregon's state constitution.

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OSSA Oregon State Shooting Assn says

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