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The Witch gives her State of the State in a couple
of weeks. This will be the being. Buy More AMMO.
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Nullus Anxietas
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She's already announced her agenda: According to MCRGO they are: Storage mandates, extreme risk protection orders, and long gun registration.

Of course, long gun registration is merely groundwork to facilitate eventual "assault weapons" confiscation.

I can't wait for the storage mandates discussions in the legislature, being as that will impose a significant burden on one of the leftists' key demographics.

And we all know what "extreme risk protection orders" means: Guilty until proven innocent. Just like civil forfeiture.

My wife and I are already looking into leaving Michigan. Sad that it's come too this, but I won't live in a Midwest version of California.

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system,,,, but too early to shoot the bastards." -- Claire Wolfe
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Whitmer gave her State of the State address, this evening. Gun control came along about 35 minutes into her speech. She is recommending home storage sanctions and "common sense" legislation-- the usual vague, unintelligible solutions to crime. She cited a huge increase in 3-D printed weapons and straw purchase violations in Michigan. She has a majority of enthusiastic, Democrat state legislators at her side. They rose to their feet and applauded each measure of her cheerleading. Beware the next two years.
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I'm fine w/ them enforcing CURRENT laws for those who are doing straw purchases.
But she's going to have to toss lots of wimmins in jail, some w/ kids that want to keep their thug happy. You go Gretch. Put them all in jail and give the rest of us a break.

Or in typical Dem. fashion, she can follow the Zero administration not wanting to enforce these laws.
These Dems don't make no sense.
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No More
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Originally posted by dsiets:

These Dems don't make no sense.

Only when you don't know their true agenda. It isn't reducing crime. It isn't preventing accidents. It is elites with iron clad absolute control over the population.

Ending private gun ownership is a necessary step but isn't the end goal. If they could see a way to their true agenda without taking away guns they would do so. But it helps them solidify control by increasing crime, increasing fear, and having a defenseless disarmed population.

In that light their policies make perfect sense.
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Wait, what?
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You only have to look at other “sophisticated” countries that have by and large disarmed the populace in the name of public safety. In the west, Australia, the UK, France come immediately to mind. It’s the model they want for the US.

“Remember to get vaccinated or a vaccinated person might get sick from a virus they got vaccinated against because you’re not vaccinated.” - author unknown
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Enforce what’s on the books!

An excerpt from a WILX news item about a recent conviction, three years for 40 straw purchases:

Even after being told by investigators that one of the guns he purchased was used to kill a child, he still later attempted to straw purchase and traffic another firearm to a person he knew was a felon.

Neither the state nor the Feds are going to get serious, penalties for straw purchases can be up to ten years and 250k yet he didn’t get anywhere close to that.

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That's the main issue with gun crime-- prosecutors and judges with no guts for sentencing. If Whitmer has her way, folks keeping a loaded gun in their home for self defense will be charged as felons, should a burglar break in, steal the weapon and use it in the commission of a subsequent crime. "Safe storage" laws are the new frontier for harassing law abiding citizens.
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