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Discussion Topic  Are there any alternatives to small rifle magnum primers? (in Reloading) by walker77
I'm looking to start reloading sub sonic 300 blackout. I have everything needed except for the smal...... > Main Page > Reloading

Discussion Topic  Handloading for precision/competition (in Reloading) by NikonUser
I'm starting a thread to which I will add over the coming days. You are welcome and encouraged to a...... > Main Page > Reloading

Discussion Topic  $600 Primers (in Reloading) by olfuzzy
When I saw this, I thought it was just someone's asking price but there is 31 bids on these primers....... > Main Page > Reloading

Discussion Topic  Federal 45-Auto Aluminum case note? (in Ammunition) by sgalczyn
Scored some 45 for my new SAR-K2. It's Federal-230gr-FMJ RN. Noticed the following on the box: "Do...... > Main Page > Ammunition

Discussion Topic  What To Do With a .223 Manufacturing Oopsie (in Ammunition) by snoris
Out of the thousands of rounds of bulk .223 ammunition I've bought, I got one that's the brass casin...... > Main Page > Ammunition

Discussion Topic  9mm "Light" Loads for Steel Challange (in Reloading) by SIGWALLY
Just started shooting Steel Challange and need you favorite load data for 9mm. Powders I have are Ti...... > Main Page > Reloading

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