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Discussion Topic  Why has .40 cal fallen out of favor? (in Ammunition) by sjp
I know this has been discussed, but what are some reasons that .40 has fallen out of favor? I carry ...... > Main Page > Ammunition

Discussion Topic  Oxygen Deployed, Mail Order Ammo Prices (in Ammunition) by 2PAK
Even though my scores at matches are laughable, I still want to train, practice and shoot especially...... > Main Page > Ammunition

Discussion Topic  How much ammunition does the average "defensive" pistol shooter keep on hand? (in Ammunition) by LDD
By "defensive" pistol shooters, I am referring to people who own defensive-style pistols like Glock ...... > Main Page > Ammunition

Discussion Topic  5.56 DIY Powerheads (in Ammunition) by ACTEG
Not sure which forum section to put this in, but wanted to run something by the sigforum brain trust...... > Main Page > Ammunition

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