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Flickr® is not set up to be a host for just posting photos to message boards and fora. Although doing that is permitted, there are rules about it that must be followed or one could have the membership cancelled. Flickr® is primarily a host for sharing photos on-line in a structured way, and I really like that aspect of it for hosting my 40,000 pictures.


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Imageshack works well at posting photos to forums. They have a nice, simple interface with a lot of useful features, and their website is very fast. The price is pretty reasonable at $3.99 per month or $37.99 per year.

The only complaint is that their app (Skypath) for mobile uploads and posting images from a phone is a bit clunky, but still serviceable. And you can access the standard Imageshack site on your phone via a web browser, so you don't have to use the app.
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I've been using Postimage which has worked well. It will resize the images as you load them by some prearranged sizes. Works well for Forums.
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I use Fotki to host my photos. Easy to use, sort and unlimited types of albums. I do have the pay service but it's not much at all.

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