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Archery hunting opening weekend of rifle season.

Let him go cause I was waiting for this guy.

Guy that owns the land I was on shot him that same day.

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A little bird feeder drama last night in my front yard:

This is the only one that will let me get close to him. He comes early every morning and usually to the sound of me shaking corn in a plastic pitcher.

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This past deer season (2020) was "off" at our hunting property in upstate NY.
When we had time, the weather was warm and wet. The deer were bedded in the pines and not moving.
We figured during muzzleloader season it would turn around. It was colder and got some light snow.
Then we got 42 inches of snow.
Nope, staying home, and not attempting snowshoes. How would you get a deer dragged out of the woods with 42 inches of snow?
Then we got warm weather and 3 inches of rain which melted off most of the snow.
Today we went to the property and retrieved all the ass pads from the stands. We don't like to leave them out all year as the weather and sunlight ruin them rapidly.
We swapped out the SD cards in the trail cameras while there.
One stand in particular has always been very productive, but this last season was not.
I got this photo right in front of the above mentioned stand, right before the 42 inch snow dump during muzzleloader season.
It's the first "deer porn" I've caught on a trail camera.

12160001 by cee_Kamp 32ACP, on Flickr

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Caribou gorn
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Got another shot of this handsome young gentleman a few weeks ago. Hoping he made it through the season unscathed.

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Northern Colorado.

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I don't know for sure but I would guess that there are a few people here that would be interested in the makes and models of the cameras that you folks are using.

Chuck and Charlene live two mile north of me ,down in a hollow , right next to the B.N.S.F. siding

They started feeding the deer in their yard ,five years ago.

Wednesday at lunch they told me that they counted 14 deer in their yard

They are going through a bushel a ND a half of shelled corn every five days.

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