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I saw this chicken at an unrban Houston Burger King. It better be careful.

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Fire for effect
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Do they use real chicken in their food?

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My wife and I were in the Cayman Islands a few years ago and saw one in front of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

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Bunch of chickens outside the Burger King in the Caymans. Interesting how chickens have the run of the Caribbean.


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Nearby town of Oviedo FL (at least one "high profile" member lives there).

I don't go through there much any more, my route has changed, but I used to see chickens around the outside of a fast-food chicken restaurant. Don't remember whether it was Popeye's or KFC, it was one of those two.

I was told that the chickens were sort of town pets and were protected by ordinance. Not sure whether that's true.

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Sleeping with the enemy.

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Source of the eggs for their "Egg-normous burrito"?


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