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P220 Elite Extreme .45 ACP
P226 Legion SAO 9mm
P220 Legion DA/SA .45 ACP
1911 .45 ACP
P220 Hunter 10mm

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Closest I have to a 'family' photo:
A little intermixed with my brother-in-law's & missing some of the current crop.
Rem 700 .308
DPMS Oracle AR15
Marlin 336 30-30
Marlin 60 .22LR
Browning BPS 12GA
Top shelf : Sig P320 357Sig
On the bottom:
Springfield 1911 .45ACP
S&W 36 38Spl

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Man of few words

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That's a very nice family you have there wbp.
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Little ray
of sunshine
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While I'm not crazy about the camo finish (it looks good, but isn't my cup of tea), that 10mm is a cool gun.

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Just recently took an updated photo of my SIG collection

My SIGs by c.swimm, on Flickr

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A small, but close, family...

Sic transit gloria mundi
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