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Yea, you got a good one, those kittens will inherit the appropriate kitty attitude from their i/o personality mother. Nice ! (i admit it, i like cats. I will choose a dog over a cat, but I would adopt any kitty that adopts me first).

So, HOW MANY are you going to keep JHE ? I've noted that the kitty rescue organizations who camp out in pet shops and hardware stores do a very good job of finding homes. I got one for my wife that way, and my younger daughter and her husband just got one from a good rescue group showing off their stock at Tractor Supply.

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Local Petco was doing an adopt-a-kitty last Saturday and had about 6 to 8 little ones (and 1 or 2 older ones) up for adoption. I think they do pretty well at it there. When I was in there the other day for cat food there were only a couple in the cages for adoption, and there are usually more than that.

I look at them, but with 6 inside I don't really think I need any more. (It would be fun to have a kitten, though....)


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Little ray
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Too cute!

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That's just the
Flomax talking
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They grow up so fast!
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Need a new pic

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