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I will not call it a Philly Cheese Steak because I know plenty of you guys make that WAY better than I. Buy I have been on vacation all week so for my last Friday I decided to make some cheesy goodness. A half a red pepper, half an onion, a few jalapeño peppers, a small cut up rib eye (I know, it's not thin enough...if I could stop buying guns I might buy some sharp knives...) all cooked in my 10" Lodge skillet. I don't own any old cast iron but the new stuff I have has been phenomenal. I'll never go back to coated "non-stick".

Fresh peppers, onions, and jalapeños with some olive oil...

Add some sliced up rib eye...

Sliced White American for cheesy goodness...

French bread (I forgot to toast it, I was kinda starving)

And this is why I LOVE cast iron. Besides the fact you can use a REAL metal spatula without worrying about scratching a precious "non-stick" surface it took 30 seconds with a little water and a nylon brush to clean and get ready for the next meal.

Oh yes, the protection. I decided to do a deep cleaning and run a stone across a few parts of my new to me 2.5" 686-4. Also added a 15# rebound spring. It feels nice Smile

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delicious... on both accounts

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Two thumbs up on both counts,you have more patience on the last pic than I do Big Grin
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Partial dichotomy
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Nice! But I'm with 45 Cal; I'll chow down the sub, but leave the revolver make-over to someone more experienced. Smile

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Last time I stripped a revolver like that it took me weeks to get it reassembled Eek

Great looking sandwich! Sometimes I scoop out some bread so it'll hold more contents! Smile

I was in an Italian sandwich shop, the guy is making my sandwich, talking as he did it, asking about the ingredients one at a time as he added them. But first, as he's just getting started, he's scooping the bread and eating it. Pre-gloves, back in the '90s. And he is not fat, so he must not do this with every customer's roll. But I went with the flow, didn't get grossed out over eating out of my sandwich roll, and realized it was part of his culture. So that is my "Bread Canoe" story. Big Grin
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I have come back to this thread to look at the cheesey skillet picture.... a dozen times at least.


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That sandwich is right up my alley now..
Have not been permitted to eat that way since my heart attacks early this year

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I need that. And I need it now!

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Originally posted by Woodman:
Last time I stripped a revolver like that it took me weeks to get it reassembled Eek

Not weeks, but when I put an Apex kit in my 642 it took a couple of hours and a few choice words to get the new rebound spring in place. I took the opportunity to stone the rebound slide a bit and grease it a tad. Between that and the new springs it dropped the pull weight about 3 1/2# from what it was before.


Great looking sandwich! Sometimes I scoop out some bread so it'll hold more contents! Smile

Ditto! I'm going to have to give this one a try.
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