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I was around Ft. Stewart, GA back in Feb. so I stopped into see the 3rd ID Museum. While I was there I saw the Desert Storm Memorial so I stopped by it also. I was in high school when it kicked off and I remember watching the news coverage. My friends dad got activated in the Mass National Guard and was sent over there. He was in his 60's!

Thanks to all who served over there.

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Spent a few weeks on Ft. Stewart about 30 years ago. Wouldn't mind heading back there someday to take a look around and see how much has changed.


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I was on Ft. Stewart for several days back in the mid-1970s to perform siting activity for a mobile radar unit to participate in a big exercise. Of course, that memorial did not exist yet at that time. IIRC, we did the siting from an artillery scoring tower and the unit got a helicopter to lift the antenna up on it. (Hard to cope with the 90' pine trees in that part of the world.)


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